Tap Tap Oceano

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Supersoft faux leather with zip closure
Eco-friendlyl water-based printing without PVC
Fabric lining
Inner pocket with zip closure
BEIGE eco-friendly Alcantara shoulder strap
Sizes: 28 x 30 x 16 cm
Each bag is entirely cut and hand-sewn in Italy and there are no two identical ones as they are drawn from a pictorial work by the artist Galliano Gallo.

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  • Descrizione

    The Tap Tap bag is a very comfortable structured shoulder bag (created from my husband’s need) and is therefore the first Capriccioli bag with unisex character.
    Adjustable in length, it has the right size to hold and shield computers, tablets, books and electronic equipment against shocks.
    And for us? Free your hands to better hold our babies in our arms, organise ourselves with a scooter, and do whatever needs freedom … like touching clothes hanging in a store…


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